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Trade Tips


  • Patience
  • Long term
  • Portfolio multiple entities
  • Trading multiple types long term, day trade
  • Invest buffer money
  • Stock advisor
  • Avoid crypto stocks
  • Think Trade consultancy subscription
  • Confidence
  • Consistency
  • There is always opportunity every day
  • Research and make a list of growth stocks with upside potential
  • Research and make a list of value stocks with consistent performance
  • Check about PE ratio
  • Check about EPS ratio
  • Companies of future like technology, renewable
  • Do not wait for bottom buy or top sell
  • One can start in middle depends on move
  • Plan every single transaction
  • Stay with plan and budget
  • Never stray from plan and budget
  • Plan for entry and exit points
  • Keep in mind cycle and pattern
  • Have risk capacity
  • Decision making and confidence
  • Buy when upside potential
  • Sell when reached potential
  • Hold when consistent dividend

Trade Alerts


  • Newcomers start trading and do failed bets and never return to market. Inexperience may cost you on average $50000
  • Newcomers gets success after many failed attempts
  • Inexperience
  • Lack of research
  • FOMO
  • Invest money more than you can afford to lose
  • Many traders sell in fear
  • Many traders buy in FOMO
  • Overshoot budget
  • Overpriced stocks
  • Overwhelmed
  • Waiting in selling with hope of recovery if stock is failing

Trade Info


  • Stock trading as an additional source of income
  • Max 15% of total assets
  • Corporate trading account
  • Stock trading as serious business
  • Dividend stocks
  • Reputed stocks
  • Performance stocks
  • Plan ahead
  • Keep aside budget
  • Do not wait for full bull or bear market, there is always opportunity
  • Monitor high traded stocks
  • Check 52 week pattern
  • Try yahoo finance app
  • Look at action
  • Avoid hype
  • Stay with plan, no stray
  • Slow and Steady
  • Ready for setback, understand challenge, accept risks
  • Blue chip stocks
  • Decision at right time
  • Do not stick with non-performing stock

How It Works

How It Works - subscription based stock advise

  • Only 1 stock symbol info will be provided per day for trade
  • Stock symbol info per trade/day - $4, this package can be bought below
  • Stock symbol info per year - $99 (1 stock symbol info for each trading day), this package can be bought below
  • If interested buy the package (per day/per year) as given below and after buying the package contact us by submitting below given form
  • your request will be forwarded to licensed investment advisor
  • You will be getting symbol info to trade from licensed investment advisor
  • It is up to you to go for that stock symbol trading or not. No other stock info will be provided on same day

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